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From the primordial times, voice has been the most natural way to communicate for all of us. At SAMA, we believe that Voice is back to being the finest and the most straightforward way to interact with the thriving technological times. SAMA, along with its team of senior experts in Electronics, Natural Language Processing, Voice Processing, AI ML Software, consumer electronics project management have developed proficiency in Voice devices with an option of Edge AI implementation which can be either connected or off-network.Our solutions are provided as white label consumer electronics, Design as a Services, AI and ML algorithm as a Services, in addition to a line of Audio devices for Consumers as well as Businesses.

Why Us?

Sama is a B2B solution which offers end-to-end product development for clients from innovative startups and bottom-of-pyramid entrepreneurs to large companies to enable them to constantly innovate, gain a competitive edge over new/existing products available in the market, and optimize time-to-market – at reduced costs. We follow the process of innovating,designing, developing, testing, and deploying a product provider with expertise in voice visionary.


Keep our customers always happy by delivering the best-connected products, services, and solutions in the most innovative and cost-effective ways.


We see ourselves as a company committed to our employees, customers, and partners, but also to our environment and society. Our principles are openness and honesty.

From CEO’s Desk

I have always looked to make technology easy to access and spread through industries, and families. Sama was organized to deliver these promises in audio and voice-enabled devices
Michael Pauli, CEO