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Connected Speakers

This new generation is all about more. More audio features, more smart features, enhanced softwares and coherent trademarks. We at SAMA, are here to help you design, and develop your line of products and devices with an abstract focus on easy user experience and implementation of latest technologies in expert domains including Acoustics, Far Field , Voice ASR , AI and Electronics.

Edge AI

The melody of edge computing and AI has never sounded better. This cutting-edge technology enables AI algorithms to be processed locally, either directly on the device or on the server near the device. The algorithms then utilize the data conjured by the devices themselves. The final product can subsequently make independent decisions in a matter of milliseconds, without having any connection to cloud or Wifi. This technology is the panacea for boundless applications including smart wearables, smart home appliances and logistics.

Voice Devices

“The human voice is the organ of the soul”. What’s better than your own voice to interact with your devices, either with cloud or off-network. Our audio modules are accompanied with an extensive corpus of voice commands implemented in over 20 different languages, customised instructions and operational modes, inculcated with Natural Language

Processing for efficient voice engineering. SAMA proposes 3 levels of connections depending on the respective usage scenario videlicet offline, hybrid or fully cloud connected.