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Everything that you need and more! Bellis is an Alexa- certified smart speaker module enhanced with a home gateway acting as an IoT Hub. The automation features use Zigbee 2.0 and employs an Integration of copious streaming services like Apple AirPlay and Spotify Connect. The module also finds its use in IoT enabled automation territories like smart homes and buildings.


Round the bend Decibels! Aster is a flexible WIFI Speaker Module .The audio source is accessible from Smartphones, USB, Optical Inputs, Aux- Inputs and Bluetooth. ASTER can be significantly used in high bass speakers required in Sound Bars and Home Theatres.


Twirling in Hi-Resolution!

Eruca is a flexible module capable of playing high-resolution audio which can play audio from Smartphone, USB and Bluetooth. It is efficiently designed to be incorporated in car audio amplifiers, picture speakers, and home audio systems.



Perforating boundaries one language at a time!

Wevo is an edge module designed for run sophisticated voice applications such as continuous speech recognition and speech translation in offline mode.



Your voice can help you!

Dahlia is a module that provides elite far-field voice capabilities which is ideal for use in voice assistant technologies. Dahlia’s purpose-built far-field voice processing uses wake word technology and playback enhancement to provide Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC). This robust platform can serve as the basis for the amalgamation of other voice services for a variety of next-generation audio products.



Voice assistance Unplugged!

Gladiola is an edge AI module designed for offline voice applications, supporting up to 100 different voice commands in 20 languages. It efficiently incorporates its usage in smart home appliances, remote control systems and as as an accessory device providing voice capabilities to set top boxes and digital TVs. It offers low BOM cost and minimal latency owing to its zero cloud connectivity feature.



Gyrating ordinary towards Smart!

Voicepod is a module with an embedded microphone feature, which can turn any ordinary device into a smart audio enabled device. The pod very easily finds its practice in devices like Set Up Boxes and systems.



Bellis is an Alexa-enabled smart speaker module with a home gateway inside acting as an IoT hub. It can be used in local mode via Bluetooth or AP-mode or connected via Router. The smart home features work over the internet to turn on devices or off based on ZigBee technology. The feature of this module is mentioned below